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i got to level 3 then stopped there for now

OK I get it youve got more into the maimi side of things but since they cant move and are fast at killing you. It kind of sucks. I mean a more portal heavy puzzle side would have been more intressting to see. Now its just a reskin of hotline miami

i cant even get past level 1 because the turrets are turning around but they dont do that in portal

It's a mashup of portal & hotline miami, so although they don't turn around in portal they do stay still, and I was trying to find that middle point between the 2 games whilst keeping the difficulty.

I would recommend making the turrets turn slowly instead of immediately setting the angle to the players position.

Hi thanks for the feedback, this was only meant to be a small prototype but if I were to expand it in the future I'd probably have this. At the moment the delay from when the turret notices you to when it shoots is a bit too small and makes it so there are no real tactics to it, its just spamming the bullets as fast as possible, so I do see where you're coming from.